Euflora Touch of Green provides quality plantscaping for:

  • Commercial/professional
  • Residential locations
  • Short term lease for special events and occasions
  • Holiday Decoration

You will receive a professional proposal that includes design, installation, maintenance, and rate schedule.


Whether your area is an atrium, patio, office, special event or home, we at Euflora Touch of Green will help you create your vision with creative plantscaping. We take the time to get to know you and your tastes, your space, and your budget. Go traditional, go modern, go for a statement, or go minimalist…the options are endless to stylize your space.


Choose to lease or purchase, we will meet and work with you to select from a wide variety of high quality plants, containers and dressings. You may want to opt for Euflora’s Color Program which is designed to brighten your environment and add some excitement to your surroundings. Blooming plants are installed and periodically exchanged to maintain an attention-grabbing display. Naturally green plants combined with brilliant orange, vivid pink, and impacting red flowers will put some pop into any atmosphere.


Installations are planned to match your needs. After initial preparation at our greenhouse, we deliver and install plants, containers, and dressing in your facility. The Euflora Touch of Green Horticulturist specially trains our maintenance techs to detect issues immediately. They will take care of routine maintenance (cleaning, pruning, watering, fertilizing, inspection) and quality assurance. Your plants are guaranteed and will be replaced if needed so that you continue to enjoy your environment.


Be assured that your maintenance tech will be readily available to personally assist and will respond promptly to your needs. Euflora Touch of Green is professionally licensed and insured, proudly serving the greater Houston, Texas area.

Houston - Euflora Touch of Green gallery
Houston - Euflora Touch of Green gallery
Houston - Euflora Touch of Green gallery
Houston - Euflora Touch of Green gallery

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